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Thigh Support

Our thigh supports ranges from warming shorts and tights to thigh sleeves. We provide lighter support as well as compression tights which will help to increase your performance and speed up the recovery of your muscles. We have shorts that are specifically designed for goal keepers, which comes with extra support for the hip (pelott) in order to provide protection, warmth and stability.
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  • Athletic Shorts

    €64.95 (1 pc.)

    Anatomically shaped warming tights with ...

    1 colour
  • Athletic Shorts Women

    €64.95 (1 pc.)

    Anatomically shaped warming tights for ...

    1 colour
  • PRN Padded Compression Tights

    €159.95 (1 pc.)

    The new generation of sport compression ...

    1 colour
  • QD Thermal Shorts

    €54.95 (1 pc.)

    Provides good warmth and excellent ...

    4 colours
    White Blue Red Black
  • QD Thigh Support 3mm

    €24.95 (1 pc.)

    A basic lightweight 3mm Thigh Support.

    1 colour
  • QD Thigh Support 5mm

    €34.95 (1 pc.)

    5mm Neoprene Thigh Support. Adjustable ...

    1 colour